Judgemental Dog!

This is my dog, Rex. Or, as he is known among those in the writing community, Judgemental Dog:

In the first round of ROW80 (a writing challenge, find out more about it here), I began adding pictures of Rex to my progress updates on my blog, captioned with writing-themed messages. Soon he gathered a small cult following, with other writers seeking inspiration from His Furry Judgemental Holiness. As well as viewing his Judgemental antics here, you can also Like him on Facebook or Follow him on Twitter.

Judgemental Dog considers it his official duty to encourage (read: “intimidate”) writers into reaching their word count goals faster. Falling short of your goals will result in Judgemental Dog chewing up your shoes, slobbering all over your manuscript or stealing your undies from the washing pile. And if, heaven forbid, you should slack off for more than a day or two, you can expect to receive a sharp nip on the rump. However, Judgemental Dog does reward good progress with a friendly lick or tail-wag.

There are rumours that Judgemental Dog can be bribed with tummy scratches and ham rolls. These rumours are not true. So don’t try it.

Though Judgemental Dog mainly targets writers, he is happy to provide his services to all creative types. Writers and artists, musicians and designers – when they’re struggling to meet a deadline, they all taste the same to Judgemental Dog.


2 Responses to Judgemental Dog!

  1. Kathy says:

    You are so fortunate to have a Judgemental Dog. I have Apathetic Cats, whose purpose is to drape themselves across the keyboard until I give up.

    • Judgemental Dog would drape himself over my keyboard if he could just fit on my desk. As it is, he contents himself with draping himself over the wheels of my chair, ensuring that I can’t leave my computer. He’s a hard task-master, that dog (but at least he’s cuddly).

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