About the Desk-Hermit

Rebecca is a writer and artist living in Melbourne, Australia. She loves all things fantasy, especially medieval and steampunk. She has a diploma in writing and editing, and in 2011 she completed her Honours thesis in IT/Multimedia on eBook interaction methods for fantasy novels. Rebecca has just started her PhD at Monash University and is also working there as a tutor and research assistant.

Rebecca has a 1st Dan black belt in karate, though she had to give up training because of recurring injuries. She has a German Shepherd named Rex and an unhealthy obsession with chocolate and energy drinks, as well as a hatred of clowns. She is addicted to art supplies and is physically unable to walk past an art supply shop without spending at least $50, and also has more Nintendo games than she really needs.

When she isn’t writing, drawing or working, her activities include plotting world domination, avoiding sunlight, being an anti-social desk-hermit and writing biographies about herself in third person.


2 Responses to About the Desk-Hermit

  1. Clive Rumney says:

    Hi Rebecca, I’m thinking of buying a Koi 24 pan watercolour set, and decided to check our to see if they’ve been reviewed well. Found your review twice, and you obviously like it. That’s reassuring, thank you. Is the paint quality better than the W&N Cotman, or on a par? I’m really only a w/c try-hard, so have not tried any pro-standard paint as yet. Not that it matters in this contact, but I’m also a Melbourne local – i live in Abbotsford.

    • Hi Clive, thanks for your comment. I haven’t used the W&N Cotman paints, only their Artist grade line, so I can’t compare the two. However, I do remember being involved in a discussion on a sketching forum some time ago where another member posted that he found a huge difference between the Sakura Koi and the Cotman colours. This is the discussion thread, you may find it helpful: http://www.sketching.cc/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1872. So, from this discussion and comments I’ve heard on various threads, I’d suggest the Sakura set; they are much cheaper and I think you get brighter and denser colours from them, plus you get the little water brush with it and the lid is the perfect size for holding postcard or trading card-sized sketchpads. I’m only a beginner/intermediate artist myself but I believe it is better to learn with better quality materials, otherwise you will have to unlearn/relearn a lot of techniques when you upgrade to an artist quality paint. I think you will be happy with the 24 colour Koi set, it will probably encourage you to paint even more 🙂

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