On Research and Reviewing

*blows dust off blog*

Yeah, I’ve definitely neglected this blog a bit over the last year or two. Since I started my PhD in mid-2013, the majority of my time has been taken up with research and academia, as well as tutoring work. As a result, I rarely find the time to work on my novel anymore (I do occasionally, but generally I’ll write a few pages over a week or so and then not touch it for months).

Still, while my fiction-writing has become much more sporadic, I have been doing a few reviews, which I divided into different blogs for the sake of organisation. They are:

ArtDragon86: This is where I review art supplies and post examples of my art work in various stages.

BookDragon86: Here I review books, though there’s not much there at this stage.

GameDragon86: This is where I review video games and gaming-related merchandise. Mostly Nintendo, but there will be the odd PS Vita and PC game here and there.

Many of these reviews are also posted over at DarkMatterZine.

Most of my research-related waffling happens over at my research blog (when I can be bothered dusting the cobwebs off it).

I’ll keep chipping away at the novel, of course, but for the near future, most of my writing will be either short reviews for my other blogs or will be part of the eternal slog that is my thesis.



About Rebecca J Fleming

Some random geek on the Internet who likes playing with coloured things. Also, I like to put Easter eggs in the microwave.
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