Art Supply Review: Derwent Artbars

I have moved all my art supply reviews to my dedicated art blog at You can find my review of Derwent Artbars here.


About Rebecca J Fleming

Some random geek on the Internet who likes playing with coloured things. Also, I like to put Easter eggs in the microwave.
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4 Responses to Art Supply Review: Derwent Artbars

  1. calspach says:

    Thank you for sharing all of your test results. This is extremely helpful. As for a smooth watercolor paper try Fabriano hot pressed. It is expensive but worth it. My teacher and friend is a professional botanical illustrator and this is what she uses.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Derwent are a fantastic art tool and I really like your examples. The great thing about Derwent is they also offer a range of eco-friendly pencils for individuals more conscious about keeping waste to a minimum.

  3. June Edwards says:

    Has anyone tried artbar on canvas?

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