Steampunk Character Designs

Since I reviewed a steampunk novel yesterday, I thought I might as well post my steampunk illustrations here as well. These character designs were drawn in March for a fictional game assignment at uni:

From left to right: General Varideus (the Mentor), Captain Elindra (the Heroine), Queen Saranthi (the Threshold Guardian), the Pirate Emperor (the Shadow), Zephyr the Aeronaut (the Trickster).

The idea for them came to me while I was wasting time on YouTube, listening to random music. After being given the assignment, I had no idea what characters I would draw, especially since they needed to adhere to character archetypes based in the theories of Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler. I supposed I could have drawn some characters from my medieval fantasy works-in-progress, but I just wasn’t in the ‘mood’ for that setting at the time.

Then I stumbled across a few Abney Park videos (Airship Pirate, The Wrath of Fate and Aether Shanty among the main culprits), and it was like the characters just appeared in my head, bashing at the inside of my skull with their steampunk weapons and demanding that I draw them (or perhaps that was simply a fancy brought on by too little sleep and too much sugar). With the character ideas, story ideas came flooding in as well, so that I was basically sketching my characters with one hand and frantically typing story notes with the other, like a demented monkey on PCP. I have a vague idea for the trilogy (which is a bit odd since I primarily write medieval fantasy), but I won’t be doing any work on it until after I’ve finished my novella. And who knows when that will be…


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Some random geek on the Internet who likes playing with coloured things. Also, I like to put Easter eggs in the microwave.
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  1. Andrea says:

    Write the story! I’d read it

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