Bouncing Between Blogs…

Here I am, jumping on the WordPress bandwagon 😀

I do have another blog at, but I’ll probably just end up using it for my ROW80 updates, ie. My weekly informal rants about my writing progress (lack thereof) or about anything else in life that might be amusing/annoying me. Those updates, though I feel they’re important to the personal aspect of my writing, have cluttered the site a bit, so I think it will be better if I keep them separate from the more ‘professional’ side of my creative work.

This site will be used for more structured updates on my writing or illustration work (or any other creative endeavours I might be working on). At some point I will also use it for some non-fiction, such as reviews, opinion pieces or news/current affair articles.

I can’t promise I’ll always be mature, though. That’s just how I roll 😉


About Rebecca J Fleming

Some random geek on the Internet who likes playing with coloured things. Also, I like to put Easter eggs in the microwave.
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9 Responses to Bouncing Between Blogs…

  1. andrewmocete says:

    Yay wordpress! Site looks cool. I like your header. I assume that’s you to the left of it.

  2. Robin says:

    Very nice. I’ve tried wordpress and it just seemed so much more complicated than blogger. But that’s me. Looks very nice and clean and look forward to your posts.

  3. Thanks guys 😀
    @Robin: I found WordPress a bit more complicated than Blogger as well, but I still managed to get around it after messing with it for a while, and since it looks cleaner overall I think it will be better in the long run.
    @Andrew: That is indeed a manga-fied version of me. Well, technically it’s an illustration of Orphea, the protagonist from my novella, but she has brown eyes and black hair; I just coloured this version in to look like me 😀 Probably should have made the hair darker though haha

  4. PoetJanstie says:

    Interesting choice of blog providers. I use both Blogger (blogspot) for prose- rants and philosophisings and wordpress for poetry. Like them both but agree about wordpress is a tad more complicated.

    Do you happen to know a poet called Kona Macphee?

  5. PoetJanstie says:

    Love your ‘Anti-social Desk-hermit’ header…

  6. @PoetJanstie: Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Another reason I started up this WordPress blog was because my Blogger was starting to have a lot of technical problems – glitches deleting people’s comments or not allowing them to comment etc, or not allowing me to comment on other blogs. Had no problems with WordPress so far.
    I don’t know Kona Macphee, but then again I don’t really know any poets aside from a few I went to TAFE with, since I only really read and write novels (nothing against poetry; it just doesn’t grab my interest, and I’m rubbish at writing poems anyway).

    • Poetjanstie says:

      I only mentioned Kona, because although she was born in Britain and now lives in Scotland, she was actually bred and educated in Australia, I think Melbourne. What’s TAFE?

      • TAFE stands for ‘Tertiary and Further Education’. It’s kind of like University (or college, in America), though not as expensive, and it focuses a bit more on hands on, technical work than theory.

      • Poetjanstie says:

        Ah, we used to call them technical colleges in the UK; then polytechnics, which became the more technical universities here.

        Love you judgemental dog; you have an insightful eye for (wo)man’s best friend…

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